After 40 years: Berger cinema in Frankfurt closes

Aus after 40 years: The Berger Kino on Berger Straße is closed forever. Harald Metz, who founded the cinema with two co-operators in 1981, filed for bankruptcy for his company. The cinema had been closed since March, and there is now a corona test center in the foyer. As Metz announced to the “Frankfurter Rundschau”, the pandemic and competition from streaming services are the reason for the end.

Other local cinema operators, however, do not see the crisis as dramatically as Metz described it: Of course, nobody is currently doing well. But when it opened again after the first lockdown, the visitors literally overrun the cinemas. There will also be plenty of films once the cinemas can open again under financially acceptable conditions.

Cinema flair from the eighties

Metz, who ran the Olympia cinema in Neu-Isenburg as a young man at the end of the seventies, joined the Kieft Group as a local partner in 1996 to convert the municipal public education center into what is now the Metropolis cinema. The business partnership ended with a settlement before the Higher Regional Court in 2002. Since then, Metz had concentrated on the Berger Kino, which showed international films in the cinema flair of the 1980s, sometimes with a delay.

The owner of the property, Hermann Steib, who is also the head of the local council 4 (The Greens), has no concrete plans for the property, which has been operated as a cinema since 1949. It would be desirable if it remained an event space, according to Steib, and there are discussions about future use. Vacancies should be avoided, so Steib, it is about keeping Berger Straße its life.


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