After 39 Years of Coma, This Former French National Team Defender Dies


Former national team defender French Jean-Pierre Adams die. Former Nice dan . player Paris Saint Germain It was 39 years in a coma because of an operation error.

Jean-Pierre Adams died at the age of 73. The Senegalese bloody man has 22 caps for Les Bleus, also made more than 140 appearances for Nice and PSG.

The disaster for Adams began when he went to the hospital in Lyon to undergo knee surgery in March 1982. Since then he was unconscious until he died on Monday (6/9/2021) yesterday.

Paris Saint Germain this Monday 6 September, lost one of his great former players. defender Red and blue and the French national team, Jean-Pierre Adams, wearing the Parisien shirt from 1977-1979,” PSG said in a statement.

BBC reported that there was an error when doctors were about to perform surgery to restore the tendons in his knee. The operation wasn’t really that crucial, but somehow it was held.

Even though at that time many health staff in Lyon were on strike. As a result, Adams was treated by an anesthesiologist who also supervised seven other patients, with the help of a Koas.

Well, apparently there were a number of errors in the handling between the anesthetist and the Koas. Adams was deprived of oxygen and went into cardiac arrest and brain damage.

Since then Jean-Pierre Adams coma. The Koas doctor who took care of him later revealed that he was not doing his job well enough.

But it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the anesthesiologist and co-operative doctor were punished. They were sentenced to one month’s probation and a fine of 750 euros, or around Rp. 12.6 million at the current exchange rate.

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