After 20 years, the Concorde has a successor: is this the future …

Almost twenty years after the concorde moved to aviation museums, a successor is ready. The American company Boom Supersonic presents with a reduced prototype how they see the future of supersonic and luxury travel.

Overture is the name of the future aircraft, the scaled-down prototype listens to the slightly less poetic XB-1. Tests with the latter prototype are to start next year. Both the prototype and final Overture will fly on biofuel, and the company says the Overture’s maximum speed will be slightly higher than that of the Concorde. The device will also make less noise than its predecessor. The end goal is a luxurious jet with ankle businessclass-seats. A transatlantic route such as London-New York would take about three hours. Boom Supersonic claims to have already received orders from Japan Airlines Co. and the Virgin Group.

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