after 13 years goodbye differentiated, street collection is back. Anger of the residents

The end of an era. To some it may seem over the top, but it isn’t. Because if the theme is that of waste in a city like Rome, when a valid door-to-door collection model is dismantled with excellent results for more than ten years (he was mayor Veltroni) to bring it back to the road, it cannot be defined in another way: a failure.

We are in Colli Aniene, the district of the 4th municipality where from last September 30 the bins have returned to the street. The domus areas built, the technical rooms set up complete with a numeric keypad, the commitment of citizens to the differentiation of waste: all to be thrown away. Sperse, among other things, supported by the inhabitants themselves at the time and for whom they are now also willing to make a claim for compensation to Ama. “This is undoubtedly an option – he explains Gabriella Masella, president of the district committee -. But the thing that makes the most anger is how the whole thing was handled, without any confrontation with the citizens, and because of a complaint to the local ASL that some Ama operators would have made for non-compliance with safety standards at work manual. And this after 13 years ”.

On the case also the new councilor for waste of Rome Capital, Katia Ziantoni, with a harsh letter addressed to the top management of the municipal company: The infringement of the ASL does not require the return to the road, but obliges the company to operate in compliance with safety regulations – writes Ziantoni -. This consideration is necessary in order to prevent the message that the road system is the best collection model only because it is economically more sustainable, as it has already been passing through in recent months “.

But it does not end here, because we are witnessing a quarter split in half, where in the west there are the bins (now positioned on the street since last March) for a dad who never took off: “If they had put the bins here we would have welcomed almost with joy seeing that the service never worked – he says Stefano Grossi, condominium administrator and member of the neighborhood committee -, instead they went to touch east, where the system worked ”.


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