After 1.5 billion views on YouTube, there will now be a minidisc film and musical

In almost all campsites and holiday villages in the Netherlands and throughout much of Europe, children dance and sing along to the biggest hits of the Minidisco every holiday, such as In puts Aunt Rita, Chow Chow Chi, Teo Teo, Chocolate and the in the jungle. The catchy songs of this music brand are also used frequently online, in primary schools and dance schools.

Musical family

In addition to the big movie in December 2022, producer BazarMedia will also be bringing the family musical in the 2022/2023 season. ‘THE PARTY OF AUNT RITA, the musical’ in theaters.

A new, fun and exciting adventure built entirely from Minidisco’s greatest hits. Rehearsals have now begun and from 16 October the musical will be screened throughout the Netherlands throughout the season.

Producer Arnan Samson: “When we left the composing duo of Mini-discotheque, Jan van der Plas and Didi Dubbeldam, to enter into a collaboration to create a new Dutch musical with their mega hits, were immediately enthusiastic. In fact, not many people know that this is a purely Dutch music product. Perhaps the best kept secret in the music industry. There are few Dutch people with so many streams and views. “

For young and old

The show is for young and old and upsets the entire theater. Children participate from start to finish and there is a lot to laugh and see for parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to join them.

Youthful version of Mamma Mia

“People sometimes compare it to a youthful version of Oh mama. What Oh mama is for ABBA is Aunt Rita’s party for Minidisco. “” We took the biggest hits and started writing a new story around them, making it seem like every song was created specifically for the musical. “

Musical actress Hilke Bierman plays one of the lead roles and can be seen on stage alongside Robin van den Akker, Lucas van den Elshout and Marcela Rocha.

Musical film

On December 21, in collaboration with the distributor WW Entertainment, the great musical film “Aunt Rita’s banquet” in cinemas with Edsilia Rombley, Najib Amhali and Pim Muda, but also live in theaters you can enjoy this musical from October 2022.

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Image: BazarMedia

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