After 1: 3 bankruptcy in Krefeld: Grizzly professionals self-critical

The business trip to Krefeld had
Grizzlys Wolfsburg
presented completely different. “The penguins came out of the cabin better than we did in the first two thirds. That wasn’t our standard, ”said
Phillip Bruggisser
after the 1: 3 of his new team with his old team on the second match day of the Magenta Sport Cup, the preparatory tournament of
German ice hockey league

“The Krefelders have foam at the mouth today,” said grizzly captain
Sebastian Furchner
after the second third in a live interview with the league’s broadcasting TV partner. He alluded to the curious situation that the penguins had only sent their goalkeeper onto the ice to warm up before the game started. The background to this should be a new demand from the club management that the Krefeld players should accept another wage waiver. “That was a team decision,” said Krefeld’s captain
Torsten Ankert
to the action, “We don’t want to talk about it any further. Ice hockey is crucial. ”

Impressed by the protest?

The protest by the Krefeld team should have given the grizzlies that had managed to break into the ice an advantage. Apparently they were more impressed by it. “That shouldn’t affect us,” warned Furchner, but in vain.

The hosts performed better over long distances. “I’m not happy with the game. Fortunately there weren’t any fans in the hall today who could boo me. But I still missed it, ”explained Bruggisser, who was still wearing the penguin jersey last season. Furchner, however, criticized the lack of puck control on his team. “We have to secure the disc better. We’re giving them up too quickly, ”criticized the winger.

Top opponent is waiting

The Grizzlys will continue on Friday (7.30 p.m.) with the home game against Bremerhaven. An opponent who is usually well coached by coach Thomas Popiesch. That can be even worse if it isn’t right in the Wolfsburg game.


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