African Power helps Gokulam Kerala FC at Thrash Luka Soccer Club in Kerala Womens League | Gokulam Kerala with African strength; See the pictures

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Ghanaian player Vivian Konadu Adjei’s pitch was filled once again by Gokulam Kerala FC’s brilliant victory in the Kerala Women’s Football League.

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Gokulam Kerala FC advanced with clear dominance from the first whistle on the pitch and came out victorious with 11 one-way goals.

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In the Kerala Women’s Football League match held at Kozhikode Corporation Stadium, GKFC defeated Luca Soccer Club by 11 goals without any opposition.

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The brilliant performance of Ghanaian player Vivian Konadu Adjei gave the Malabar team a great victory. Of the eleven goals scored by Gokulam, eight were scored by the team’s striker, the African player.

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Vivian started her goal hunt in the second minute of play. Subsequently, Luca’s network was filled by Vivian at 6, 22, 31, 33, 45 + 3, 46 minutes. The coach was withdrawn from the field in the 60th minute and scored a goal in the 52nd minute to excite the ground.

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Abhirami in the 32nd minute, Manasa in the 58th minute and Sonia in the 61st minute were the other players who scored for Gokulam.

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Vivian was also the player of the match. Santhosh Trophy Honored former Kerala star Zubair Vivian by gifting a moment.

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