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Afghanistan, Kabul | Afghan national team player (19) was one of those who died

Zaki Anwari (19) was one of those who lost their lives in the chaos at the airport in Kabul on Sunday.

On Monday, thousands of rescued Afghans fled to the city’s international airport, the day after the Taliban captured the country’s capital.

The images of the chaos that arose there went around the world. The airstrip was full of people desperately trying to get on planes on their way out of the country.

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Several lost their lives

A plane from the US Air Force was filmed as it was about to take off from the airport. Hundreds ran after the plane and some clung to the fuselage.

Pictures from when the plane had taken off show that several people fell from the plane into the air, high above the ground.

Local media have reported that at least two people have been confirmed dead, and the US Air Force has confirmed that remains were found in the wheelhouse of the plane when it made an emergency landing in Qatar.

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Afghan national team player

The Afghan news agency Ariana writes Thursday that one of those who died was Zaki Anwari. It writes the player organization FifPro and Reuters. The 19-year-old played for the Afghan youth national team.

– Our biggest condolences go to family, friends and his teammates. The young Afghan national team player Zaki Anwari, is reported to have lost his life after a fall from a US plane at the airport in Kabul on Monday, FifiPro writes on Twitter.

Afghanistan’s Directorate – General for physical education and sports will also offer its condolences on Thursday.

May he rest in heaven. We pray for family, friends and sports colleagues, the statement said.

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