Affordable Holiday Destinations: Where to Travel for Less Than Norway

– It is not as expensive as we would like it to be. It is more expensive than before, but still more affordable than at home in many places, says Torild Moland, editor of the magazine Vagabond Reiselyst.

Dagbladet has made a compilation of what goods cost on average in the holiday destinations of Las Palmas, Riga, Athens and Copenhagen. The compilation is based on figures from Numbeo and The Big Mac Indexboth of which compare prices in different countries.

It shows that a cup of coffee is the cheapest in Las Palmas. If you want a glass of Coke, it is cheapest in Athens, and about twice as expensive in Oslo and Copenhagen.

In fact, the prices of most goods are even higher in neighboring countries than here at home.

– It is not so much fun to be Norwegian in Denmark right now, says Moland.

See other items in the table:

Cheap drops

Many people are happy to have a beer or two when we are finally on holiday. And for those who are annoyed by ever-rising beer prices here at home, it can quickly become three, especially when the price remains the same anyway.

In Las Palmas you can actually go for four too, because according to Numbeo, a pint costs around NOK 24 there, compared to the hundred mark you usually have to shell out here at home.

Although, according to Moland, it is not very good to be Norwegian in Denmark at the moment, the golden drops the country is so famous for are still much more affordable than here in Norway, and a pint of Carlsberg will cost you under 90 Norwegian kroner.

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Imported bottled beer is often more expensive than what you get on tap, and in Norway you actually have to pay more for a bottle of Heineken than in any other country in the world, according to the website The cheapest bottle on our list can actually be found just above Skagerrak, where the price is around NOK 15 per bottle.

Editor Moland has the following recommendations when it comes to affordable travel destinations:


– The price level is still one third compared to Norway, not least because the lira has had an even worse development than our own krone, says Moland.

North Macedonia

– North Macedonia is Europe’s cheapest holiday country. Typical tourist items cost only 25 percent of the equivalent in Norway, says Moland.

– I was just in North Macedonia myself, and I ate and drank well for NOK 150. It was also nice, says Moland.

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland

– Some of our nearest holiday countries, to which you can drive or take a ferry, are also a good deal cheaper than Norway, says Moland.

She believes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland have the same advantages.

– All of these have their own “riviera” with long beaches and a lot of offers. How about a road trip around the Baltic Sea? Swipe quickly through Sweden and Finland, take the ferry over to Estonia and drive south through Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and then take the ferry home from Gdyna to Karlskrona, for example, she advises.

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Moland also highlights Romania and Albania as good choices in the south.

Some travel advice

Moland has the following measures to save money on holiday:

  • Choose a destination with a low cost level. Here, Forex’s country index is a good pointer, she believes. It compares the price level in a number of popular holiday countries with the level in Norway (although before the recent fall in the krone exchange rate).
  • Stay away country with dollar and euro as main currency.
  • Be flexible. Flight prices vary a lot, so if you can check the low-cost calendar and choose the cheapest departure day, you can save a bit.
  • rice lett, without a large suitcase. Moland reminds that the plane ticket will then be cheaper. You get a lot of bikinis and summer dresses in a hand luggage, she believes.
  • Choose smartly along the way. There are big price differences on excursions, or skip an activity and go on a free hike instead.
  • Don’t stay in a hotelbut choose a hostel or even completely free accommodation via coachsurfing.
  • Choose for free thing. Many museums have free entry, if not always then perhaps once a week.

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