AEW sells more tickets than WWE in New York

It’s always interesting to compare WWE or AEW ratings, or airline ticket sales, but this week it’s possible to compare two things very precisely.

WWE is hosting a RAW on November 29, 2021 at UBS Arena in the Long Island area of ​​New York, and AEW is hosting a Dynamite and Rampage in the same venue the following week, December 8. A direct competition between the two companies and we can see today that the AEW has taken the advantage on the sale of tickets.

If you look at the numbers, RAW has currently sold 2,365 tickets versus 6,167 for the AEW. WWE is currently offering a total of 7,398 tickets and AEW 8,851, but if one company sells all of their tickets they will open more sections in the venue. This confirms a clear advantage for the AEW currently, it will be necessary to watch if the WWE does not offer a discount or add big stars to the show in order to help each other face the competition.

The UBS Arena shows will be very interesting to watch. Moreover, RAW will be the first catchesque show in this room given that the construction of the room should be completed in November 2021 with an official opening on November 20.

Credit photo : WWE/AEW


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