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What here and with it No style was already mentioned in February, and for which there was already sufficient reason to at least take this into account, the RIVM is now also reluctantly admitted: The coronavirus can infect people through aerosols. Is that just a surprise!
Well, ‘great’ or not? Nice that the high word has come out, but it is still a hollow victory. “Yes, you can, but big drops are still the most dangerous. We didn’t investigate that anyway, but otherwise everyone will notice that we have been dicking from the back. ” That is what RIVM actually says here.

But RIVM also says that non-medical mouth masks are actually useless (despite the fact that they stop the large droplets anyway, but can let the aerosols pass through). The medical masks stop both the large and small droplets, but were not yet provided, hardly or too late, to the healthcare staff, because all this was not necessary.

The RIVM is simply completely included damage control. I have never seen them admit that they were wrong, while that has clearly been the case many times. No, policy remains largely unchanged, however illogical this may be in practice. RIVM continues to cling to measures that are ‘just agreed’, instead of taking a critical look at which measures can be deleted, which should remain and especially why that is so.

This really cannot be sustained much longer. At some point, the facts are exposed on the table. Also facts that were simply ignored in early 2020. And then there is probably something of a similar conclusion: the one and a half meter measure was only necessary for people who did not wear face masks in their rooms.

You will see that if this is likely to be widely recognized, they are throwing on ‘with the knowledge of today’ and ‘there were many uncertainties’. But the fact remains that they completely ignored everything that could not be considered truth with 100 percent certainty. If a fire department that detects smoke but does not see a fire, there is as yet no risk of fire …

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