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Aeronautical unions rescheduled flights in Argentina

Buenos Aires. In the week in which the general strike is being prepared this Thursday, called by the union centers headed by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and supported by various sectors of society, there are protests and several flights had to be rescheduled by decision of aeronautical unions Given the government’s decision to privatize Aerolíneas Argentinas, as well as air, maritime and port cargo transportation, and access to the metro lines was released.

Unions grouped in the CGT interrupted railway, aeronautical, maritime and land services. The buses of the Automotive Transport Union did not stop, but they will do so this Thursday.

Leaders of Construction unions warned that there are already one hundred thousand workers laid off, and another 300 thousand are threatened. There were also layoffs in the hydroelectric plants, while prices continue to increase: train and subway tickets rose again, when the general population already recognizes that it will be impossible to attend their workplaces.

The social tragedy worsens every day while the government boasts of the adjustments, of the layoffs to supposedly “shrink the State,” of the income taxes on workers’ salaries, arguing that “there is no money.”

Thus, President Javier Milei’s trip to the United States to attend a meeting of the radical right on the presidential plane caused deep discomfort.

What happens is that media such as La Nación or Clarín have published critical notes, as have the surrounding journalists, regarding the positions that Milei took against the press in general and his cabinet, since they do not support information in which there is the minimal complaint to his way of governing.

Elisa Carrió, leader of the Civic Coalition, who was in the right-wing Cambiemos alliance led by right-wing former president Mauricio Macri, warned that “Milei is a trojan horse of the mafias” and “he changed the supposed caste for mafias.” She considered that these mafias are the “matrix of looting” in this country.

Added to this are the series of setbacks and decisions in international politics. The government decided to separate Telesur from digital television, in what it described as a “cut” but with a strong ideological content, while offering to receive all Venezuelan “asylees” who “flee” from the “dictatorship” of President Nicolás Maduro .

Various sectors protested against the decision against Telesur, defending the right of the Argentine people to be informed.

Another issue that exploded general indignation in reference to the issue of Las Malvinas, in which Milei took a position on the historic Argentine claim, actually favoring the British colonial occupation of the strategic Argentine archipelago. In statements to the BBC, the president indicated that the islands are “in the hands of the United Kingdom” and dared that the recent visit of the British Chancellor, David Cameron, could be considered a provocation, as was widely suggested by the majority of Argentines.

He said Cameron “has every right to do so” as Britain has possession of the Falkland Islands. He also once again praised the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who gave the orders and sent the fleet to recover the Malvinas Islands in 1982 and was even the one who ordered the sinking of the ship Ara General Belgrano in a war as unequal as it was brutal.

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