Advice in John to buy gold after the decline in its prices .. Invest your comfort

There are tips for those who come to buy gold, with the aim of using it in order to go through an easy and safe investment and purchase process, and also to preserve the assets that have been purchased until they are sold again in the appropriate time and get the return from them.

The Secretary General of the Gold Dealers Division in the former Cairo Chamber of Commerce introduces the “Naguib Club”.

Some important advice to those who want to acquire gold in terms of investment, as follows:

1- Buying bullion while investing in gold; Because it is not loaded with added value, taxes, stamps, or workmanship, and then comes the purchase of gold pounds, but it may face some difficulty when selling it as a result of attempts by some traders to delude the seller that there are defects in them in order to reduce the price, and this is difficult to happen with bullion.

2- It is important when buying bullion to deal with a reputable dealer or with the usual merchant to deal with, a so that he is not exposed to any deception or fraud during the buying or selling process.

3- Maintaining the invoice that he gets from the merchant, which is considered a title deed for that alloy, and in which the alloy data, price, weight, and data of the merchant and the shop are recorded and sealed with the name of the shop.

4- It is preferable not to remove the cover from the alloy in the case it was wrapped and to keep it as it is without any change so that the merchant does not deny at any time that it is not the one who sold it or other problems that may occur at the time of the change.

5- It is preferable to ensure the presence of the “Al-Shinganji” seal, which is the person who analyzes the proportion of gold inside the alloy and writes it on it according to the degree of purity, in addition to his name, which is the reference in the event of any dispute on the alloy, and is responsible for the correctness of the data related to that.

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