Advertise discounts to the property and possession in the CDMX

The Secretary of Administration and Finance of Mexico City, Luz Elena Gonzálezannounced that those who pay the property tax in this month of January they will have a 8% and 5% discount in the month of February.

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At a press conference, he explained that again the holding discount It will be 100% for cars whose invoice value does not exceed 250 thousand pesos.

In addition the payments that can be made in partialities with participating credit cards are: property, water and tenure.

In both vulnerable groups such as retirees, pensioners, widows, orphans, separated women, heads of household, single mothers, people with permanent disabilities, elderly people with fixed income and low income whose real estate does not exceed 2.5 million pesos, will have the benefit of single payments

“All these people who belong to this vulnerable group have the benefit of the single payment of minimum fee, fixed fee of 50 pesos of property tax. They will also have access and right to a 50% reduction in the bimonthly quota for water supply rights, as long as the volume of consumption does not exceed 77 cubic meters ”, he added that all homes built through INVI will pay 50 pesos of property tax.

He also announced that people whose properties are in a process of territorial regularization will be entitled to a 100% reduction of the property tax, as well as people whose homes have been totally or partially destroyed by some natural phenomenon.

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González Escobar explained that this year there are tax incentives for the business sector, due to those new companies that start operations this during the first year they will be granted a 45% discount reduction in the payment of payroll tax.

As long as it is a newly created company, during the first year of operations it has a 45% discount on the payroll tax, if it is a company that is already established and makes a 25% increase in its workforce during that year , you will have a 20% discount on the payroll tax paid by the entire company.


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