Advertise a photo of Denise Chariesta, Uya Kuya: I don’t take revenge, this will let you go viral

PR TASIKMALAYAHe Will Go accidentally install advertisement with material photo Denise Chariesta in his past.

Visit one of the offices advertising which is in Jakarta, He Will Go admits that he wants to install advertisement in the form of photo youth Denise Chariesta.

After dealing with the price advertisement contain photo Denise Chariesta which reached Rp. 100 million, He Will Go talk to workers in the installation office advertisement that.

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He Will Go also planning to make advertisement for his personal YouTube channel.

Reported from YouTube He Will Go TV on Saturday, June 12, 2021, after finishing with administrative matters advertisement in the office, He Will Go visit the location where the billboard is located.

He Will Go install advertisement photo past Denise Chariesta it is installed on billboards in the Sudirman, Thamrin, and Senayan areas.

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He explained, advertisement which shows photo Denise Chariesta it will appear every two minutes over the next two days.

“Waiting for the apology 1×24 hours from now Denise Chariesta,” said He Will Go.



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