“Adventure Anthem NEXT” stopped development, BioWare will focus on the development of new works such as “Dark Dragon Age” | 4Gamers

At the beginning of last year, BioWare Studios will play “Anthem” (Anthem) for its science fiction shooting role play.“Anthem NEXT” major revision update plan, Also known as Anthem 2.0, but as the producer After Mark Darrah leaves, This plan will come to an end later.

At the beginning of February this year,Bloomberg It is reported that EA executives will prepare a final review of the development status of “Adventure Anthem” to decide whether to continue to expand the team or stop subsequent development. Obviously, the result is not optimistic. Christian Dailey, director of BioWare Austin studio, announced the termination of Anthem 2.0 development through a blog today (25).


according toannouncement, Dailey said that Anthem 2.0 was already underway at the end of 2019, but the 2020 epidemic affected the productivity of the studio, making it impossible for them to achieve the target progress under tremendous pressure. Eventually, the studio’s development focus will shift to “Dark Dragon Age”, “Mass Effect” new works and “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and other works.

The “Adventure Anthem” released by EA in January 2019 was a highly anticipated 3A shooting masterpiece at first. Although it achieved good sales overseas in February, as a treasure game, “Adventure Anthem” was set due to the drop of treasure. And BUG issues have caused a lot of complaints among the community. In addition, it was subsequently revealed that the studio was under pressure from the E3 video game exhibition and rushed to work and demo film falsifications and other major blows. The revision of “Anthem NEXT” became the final Hope.

Unfortunately, “Anthem NEXT” does not look like“No man’s sky”Get the same chance of rebirth.



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