Advan Presents the Soulmate Laptop

Supported by a 14” HD Display screen, 4GB DDR RAM and a 256GB SSD, the price of this latest product is more affordable for young people.

Advan released the Soulmate laptop, the newest product which is claimed to be affordable for the people of Indonesia. Advan’s newest laptop is light in weight, has strong performance, is supported by an Intel processor and the Windows operating system.

“We want everyone to have a laptop,” said Director Advan, Chandra Tansri. This Soulmate laptop is aimed primarily at the younger generation, starting from school students and students, as well as for doing business or opening a business. “If everyone has a laptop that supports their activities and enthusiasm, they will definitely be champions.”

Apart from having a light weight and minimalist design, the Soulmate laptop has a 14” HD Display screen. Then the kitchen runway is supported by 4GB DDR RAM. This laptop is also equipped with a 256GB SSD Storage and a large battery life, which is 38 WH. This really supports the user’s work when they are in an outdoor place, without having to bother looking for a place to charge.

The Soulmate Laptop will be released on Tokopedia on February 15 2023. For Advania who want to take part in the Soulmate Laptop product release event, you can visit the following link This

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