Adult film actress is running for governor of California

Mary Carey, a porn star who had already run in 2003 when there were elections for the impeachment of Gray Davis, 18 years later, says she is ready to focus on politics and has run for governor in the state of California in the United States .

At that point the election became a circus, with at least 135 candidates competing to replace Davis. Carey was only 23 at the time and later admitted that her application was simply a publicity stunt.

Carey, who came 10th in 2003, already has a website, T-shirts and a slogan ready: “Finally, a politician you do want to screw you.” However, it’s hard to know if people will take her more seriously this time.


Carey will compete as a “candidate with no partisan preference” and said he decided to announce his participation before the impeachment campaign qualifies so he can start collecting his signatures.

He also shared that his main political focus will be solving the state’s homeless crisis and helping businesses affected by COVID-19.

In addition, she stated that she would like to revive her “Gun Porn” policy that was her platform in 2003, which she says can help reduce gun violence by giving people pornography in exchange for their guns.

Carey made public her interest in running since last month when the KGO channel interviewed her for the new documentary “Total Recalled: The story of America’s wildest, largest recall election.” removal of the United States ”in Spanish).

Since then, her husband, to whom she has been married since 2018, has helped her with her campaign. Your next step will be to travel to Sacramento to formally register as soon as the special election is approved.

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He then plans to tour various strip clubs around California.



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