Adua Del Vesco: “I’m not 100% healed yet” – Big Brother VIP

16 September 2020

The two Competitors exchange their first confidences in private

Adua e Dayane sunbathe in the garden. The model compliments the actress for her costume and body.

Adua confides: “I like myself, I accept myself, but I alternate moments. Imagine my vision when I started gaining weight, I was twice what I am now, I was also ashamed to leave the house. It was a constant struggle with myself. The thing that hurts me most is that others see me curvy, that I am physically fine, but they don’t understand that the eating disorder is in my head.

Dayane intervenes and confirms: “If you are not physically well and do not eat properly, your organs will also be affected. Even a doctor told me, if you stress the brain, the whole organism will suffer.”

The model worries about her friend’s condition, who tells herself with sincerity and takes stock of her difficult experience: “Alternate moments, I would say a lie if I stated that I am now 100%. But now I have learned to manage it“.


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