Adua Del Vesco and Massimiliano Morra useless, they must kiss the feet of the system

The judgment that Fabrizio Corona gives of the love story, turned out to be fake, between Adua Del Vesco and Massimiliano Morra. A few days ago, when the case of the false gossip created for the purpose of pretending non-existent relationships between famous people, the entertainment world has partly supported the two actors who became famous with the fiction produced by Ares Film. Several those who have lined up against both. One of them is Fabrizio Corona who recorded a video interview for Live – It’s not D’Urso.

Fabrizio Corona: “Adua and Morra? It was their choice “

That way of making gossip that was part of the history of Italian publishing until 2005/2006 is dead. Those historical figures who changed their names and played a part in agreement, and I stress in agreement, no longer exist”, Declares Fabrizio Corona who then places the accent on stories of the two contestants of Big Brother Vip:

Adua del Vesco and Massimiliano Morra. Adua is invented by Gabriel Garko. If she hadn’t gone with him, the story with Morra wouldn’t have made sense because they weren’t two characters, they are two useless beings created by a system and they have to kiss the feet of that system. But you have to have the emotional part and your conscience that are able to withstand the impact and then you can’t blame them, because the choice was yours. Today if you have to do a fake relationship you do it with social media. I believe that today there are characters who think of having children based on the success they will get on social media, with the likes that will make them earn. You give a dream by showing a reality that people are fond of even if it does not exist.

Corona: “Monte and Giulia Salemi, it wasn’t love”

But Corona does more and also exposes himself about the relationship between Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi, concluded for months. According to the former king of paparazzi, between the two there would never have been a sincere relationship: “My story with Asia Argento was a story exploited for the purposes of a commercial operation that is the relaunch of the image of two people. Yes it wasn’t fake organized because she didn’t agree and I didn’t agree to organize it, but it was exploited later. The story of Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte, is not love, but they give a concept of love that to someone who has a flat, senseless life, gives them a dream that is to live their story“. And he includes his relationships in this series of love stories lived for the purpose of being used for promotional purposes: “My whole life has been fake gossip, I had an illness and could not distinguish fiction from reality. I told my story through newspapers and television”.

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