Adrian Wiener, about false vaccination certificates: Severe sanctions are needed

Adrian Wiener says about the false anti-Covid-19 vaccination certificates that “it is to the small corruption, to our inability, if you will, of those responsible, to understand that we are doing a huge harm, in the sense that we practically discredit vaccination, insofar as in which in our country the proportion of falsely vaccinated registered among those with severe forms and even deaths tends to be higher than in other countries (…). Basically, we give a blank check to people who have not been vaccinated, we offer them this tool that was originally intended for our mobility and safety, for everyone, we turn it into something trivial. I believe that the phenomenon can be combated and must be punished very severely. It is not just about forgery and use of forgery, but about discrediting the vaccination process ”.

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Asked if in his opinion there is corruption among family doctors, the deputy replied: “Not necessarily. And at vaccination centers, not just in family doctors’ offices. There was this constant pressure, especially in the rural area, from, I know, the administrative area, come on, give me a paper, let’s do, look, I don’t trust the vaccine. Of course, these things exist and must be sanctioned, insofar as we find out where they happened. On the other hand, we see in the electronic vaccination register, for example, people vaccinated hundreds of kilometers from home, where these networks exist, where this is industrialized and we can realize, to the extent that in one of centers were vaccinated many, many people living 100 km, 70 km, when the nearest vaccination center was 500 meters. This is obviously a reasonable suspicion, which we must raise. So things can be found out. “


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