Adrián Rueda- America, another stone for Sheinbaum

After pieces of concrete fell from the second floors on private vehicles, the PAN deputy America Rangel threw a couple of darts at Claudia Sheinbaum, who was the one who endorsed that construction during the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico City.

The Albiazul legislator, who is becoming another stone in the shoe for the head of Government, demanded the structural revision of that road, in order to avoid another tragedy like the one that occurred last May on Line 12 of the Metro.

And it is that although in the lopezobradorista administration in the capital of the country Sheinbaum She was Secretary of the Environment, the then Head of Government of the DF commissioned her to supervise the construction of the second floors, an iconic work of his administration.

Last week, pieces of concrete detached from the double floors and fell on some vehicles, damaging even the windshields, which generated many comments on social networks.

The theme was exploited by America Rangel to put salt on the wound of Claudia, scrubbing the death of 26 people and the injuries to more than 80 in the fall of the Metro – not completely clarified -, warning him that he cannot allow another tragedy.

This statement joins the meme that a few weeks ago the deputy made to the head of Government, launching a Alerta Amber to look for it, since it took place in various states of the country instead of being in the city it governs.

Known for its short fuse, the tenant of the Old Town Hall wanted to collect it from Rangel, when deputies from Morena demanded that the prosecutor Ernestina godoy open an investigation against the deputy for using the missing person search program to make fun of her.

They asked the PAN for three years in prison, which was very expensive in terms of citizen perception, since they left the impression that Claudia attacks mainly women, as reflected in the lawsuit against mayors Alfa González, Lemon Bundle and Sandra Cuevas, for instance.

So that action, instead of affecting America, benefited her, because by raising her to the ring of the head of government, the brown they only made him famous. Now more people know her and it seems that the Blue and White likes that, who continues as a fighting cock.

And it is that Mexico City has been characterized by being a place of freedoms, and its citizens do not like the authoritarian signs of the rulers who violate freedom of expression.

From the presidency of the Metropolitan Development Commission in the local Congress, the deputy has found the forum to criticize the public works that the 4T administers today in the city.

He has the luxury of accusing the Morena governments of doing works plagued by corruption, nailing them a couple of flags every so often.

That’s the new little blue pebble in Claudia.


And as if the head of government had been lacking something, when she installed the security cabinet in Álvaro Obregón last Thursday, the mayor Lemon Bundle He confronted her to demand more resources to improve public services, but especially security in the demarcation. Bundle He commented that the money was not to be carried into his pockets, but to be invested in the demarcation, with which he left the ball on the court. Sheinbaum, which has been accused of punishing the opposition mayors, regardless of whether citizens are harmed. Slowly, Lemon begins to excel in CDMX.



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