Adore at initial sight in the case of the woman Joy .. a drug dealer killed her in entrance of her father

The Syrian road was not persuaded by the official narrative offered by the routine authorities on the subject The murder of the girl Pleasure Istanbula 4 12 months outdated, was in Homs final thirty day period.

In spite of an try to resume the crime that rocked circles for its ugliness, showing the killer as a psychopath and upset, criticism spilled around to social media, which thought of the authorities’ narrative to be a weak and fabricated circumstance.

Her father is associated … They killed her in front of him

Without a doubt, some facts have emerged these days The girl’s father, Joy, was identified as “Tareq Istanbouli”A member of the safety forces of the Fourth Division of the regime’s forces, in certain the forces of “Maher al-Assad”, whose checkpoints are lined up on the streets of the provinces, obtained a massive sum from the drug supplier (MB), who is from Salhab in the Hama countryside and collaborates with the Lebanese militia “Hezbollah”, to move a large load of narcotics, but the load was stolen by unknown folks, according to the girl’s father, “Pleasure”, in accordance to the Syrian. Human Legal rights Observatory.

The aforementioned drug supplier threatened Joy’s father right after the latter refused to return the shipment of prescription drugs or the amount he experienced received from him.

When the threat didn’t get the job done, the trader despatched a single of his brokers to kidnap the minor woman, who killed her in front of her father, who was looking at her daughter breathe her last breath in advance of his eyes as a result of audio and a video simply call, ahead of the killer was smuggled into Lebanon with a false identification bearing a different person’s title.

The Observatory also revealed that the crime needed the intervention of the Republican Palace to gather it just after it grew to become a public feeling challenge, in get not to expose the file on medication and its distribute in Syria.

A weak official state of affairs that has not convinced anybody

Interestingly, the tragedy started immediately after the announcement of the disappearance of the 4-yr-previous girl, Joy, in mid-August, in front of her house in the Al-Muhajireen community in the metropolis of Homs, in central Syria.

Days following the incident, the authorities introduced that they had located the girl’s system in just one of the landfills in the spot, justified the cause of demise for hitting the head with a sharp item, and then announced that they had arrested the killer.

The official model claimed at the time that the defendant, “Midian Al-Ahmad”, experienced confessed to his crime immediately after currently being interrogated, boasting that he was seeing the neighborhood young children participating in, and allegedly kidnapped the lady Pleasure inside of the household to rape her just before killing her and throwing her human body in a landfill near the Tal Al-Nasr cemetery in Homs.

Syrian circles afterwards described, just after a though, of the alleged criminal’s death during an operation at the Ibn Al-Nafis hospital in the money, Damascus, which sparked prevalent anger at the truth.

Doubts about the veracity of the regime’s tale have also increased, the resignation of the head of forensic medicine in Homs for the reason that he was forced to present an inaccurate report on the crime, according to him, underlining that it does not correspond to the story of the “alleged criminal” who appeared on the tv screens of the routine.

A horrible criminal offense that shook the nation

Apparently, incidents of baby abduction have improved significantly in Syria because of to deteriorating security and economic situations, though the penalty for kidnapping for the function of rape is up to lifestyle imprisonment, whether the abductee is a kid or grownup.

The “Jawa” incident shook Syrian and Arab circles and turned into a make any difference of public viewpoint, amid requests to expose the entire real truth.

Although this criminal offense is a single of the most horrific crimes to occur inside the Syrian regime-managed spots, the intelligence services have retained its particulars magic formula, to deliver a novel that has not convinced any individual!

With regards to the drug file, numerous studies have confirmed in the previous period that dozens of teams connected to Hezbollah are active in the drug business, in individual Captagon, in some Syrian areas, and are also lively in smuggling functions between the two border countries.

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