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[PARCOURSUP] The first responses to the training wishes formulated for the year 2020-2021 are available on the platform since Tuesday, May 19 at 5 p.m. Results, waiting list, call list, dates, additional phase … Here is everything you need to know about Parcoursup.

[Mise à jour du mardi 19 mai 2020 à 17h34] Finally ! High school students and students wishing to reorient themselves can find out the answers to their wishes for guidance in higher education on Parcoursup. The calendar has not been shaken by the crisis coronavirus and the first responses were published this Tuesday, May 19 at 5 p.m. Applicants who have received an admission proposal today will have to wait until the evening to respond., the platform being accessible, for the time being, only in “consultation” mode. Are you on the waiting list? As a reminder, it is the responses of candidates who decline the admission proposals made to them which free up places which candidates on the waiting list may be able to benefit from. But the candidates’ files are updated every morning, which makes it possible to regularly move the waiting lists. In the event of a future admission proposal, you will be alerted. Those who are refused will have to wait for the next step: the start of the complementary phase on Thursday, June 25, 2020. High school students who have not obtained an admission proposal will still be able to make 10 wishes until Thursday, September 10, 2020.

It is on the Parcoursup platform that high school students must go to register in higher education. Parcoursup lists nearly 14,000 training courses (licenses, Paces, BTS, DUT, IUT, CPGE, etc.), whether selective (BTS, BUT, etc.) or not. However, some training is not on Parcoursup and access is by competition. This is particularly the case for the Paris Dauphine University, the IEPs, but also certain business and engineering schools.

The results for wishes deposited on Parcoursup will be revealed between Tuesday May 19 and Friday July 17, 2020 for the main phase. The high school students concerned will be informed of the decisions of the establishments requested by email or by a notification via the Parcoursup application.

For certain requested training, high school students can be placed on the waiting list. This means that due to a limited number of places, the desired establishment cannot yet accommodate them, other candidates having been admitted as a priority. If people already accepted withdraw, candidates placed on this waiting list will be accepted according to their rank. The platform will indicate the position of each candidate on the waiting list, the total number of places as well as candidates on the waiting list.

The call list is the total list of candidates that the establishment has definitively accepted or placed on the waiting list. On the Parcoursup platform, each high school student can consult the ranking of the last candidate admitted to the establishment last year as well as their own position for this year. Thus, the school can assess whether it is worth staying a candidate for this training, if its rank is close to that of the last candidate admitted, or if it is better to accept another proposal, if its current rank is too far back. More explanations are available in this brochure from the Ministry of National Education.

The complementary phase of Parcoursup begins on Thursday, June 25, 2020. High school students who have not obtained an admission proposal will still be able to make 10 wishes until Thursday, September 10, 2020. After the bac results, it will be possible to benefit from support from the Higher Education Access Commission (CAES) in order to find a place in an establishment.

The main admission phase of Parcours continues in the summer. High school students must accept their proposals for admission to higher education institutions and / or keep their wishes still pending. There are three milestones:

  • at the end of June, high school students can activate the automatic answering machine option to accept admission proposals for their pending vows in their place, after having classified them according to their preferences
  • early July, after the baccalaureate results
  • mid-July, the final stage point. It marks the end of the main admission phase. The first proposals for admission must have been accepted or not.

In the event of a problem, a toll-free number managed by Parcoursup is made available to candidates: 0 800 400 070. It is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. It is also possible to contact Parcoursup by messaging and on social networks (Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook). “More than a dozen chatting sessions will also be organized to support the candidates”, specifies the Ministry of Higher Education.

High school students who have had all their wishes refused will be able to appeal. Those on the waiting list can wait for places to become available if they feel they are well placed.

Those who have had all their wishes refused will be able to appeal to the Academic Commission for access to higher education from June 25 after the results of the bac (if they are received). This is called the complementary phase. Applicants concerned will be notified by email or by notification via the Parcoursup platform. The commission will accompany them and make them a proposal adapted to their case.

To estimate their chances of being admitted to the establishment of their choice, high school students can take their position on the waiting list and the position of the last admitted last year. If they feel that their position is too far back, they can accept proposals from other establishments. Conversely, if they feel they are well placed, they can wait for cancellations.

As of May 19, 2020, when you receive a response from a training course, you have two days to respond. During the bac exams from June 17 to 24, 2020, response times are suspended. The Ministry of National Education has published a brochure on this subject (see page 5).

In the past, a bug affected the platform during the start of the admission phase: high school students were first indicated as accepted when they should normally be placed on the waiting list. Hence the bad surprise for some who were ultimately refused their direct admission. The Ministry of Higher Education said that the situation had been restored.

Here is the calendar to remember for the year 2020-2021.

  • December 20, 2019: opening of the platform so that high schools can consult the training offer.
  • From January 22 to March 12, 2020 : high school students can make up to 10 wishes. There is no need to rank them in order of preference.
  • Until April 2, 2020 included : high school students build their files and confirm their vows
  • May 19, 2019 : users are aware of the decision of higher education establishments.
  • June 25, 2019: launch of the complementary phase. It concerns future students who have not received an admission proposal or who do not find satisfaction in the proposals received. They can make new wishes until September 11, they can also apply to the Higher Education Access Commission (CAES).
  • July 17, 2019: end of main phase
  • Before the end of July 2020 : administrative registration in the university establishment. The registration rules vary according to the establishments. In all cases, registrations will be closed on August 27.
  • September 10, 2020 : end of the additional phase and closure of Parcoursup.

The Parcoursup platform aims to be responsive design. It complies with the habits of young people who are increasingly connecting with their smartphones. Parcoursup is therefore available as an app on the App Store and on Android. In both cases, the download is free.

On the Parcoursup platform, high school students must write a motivated training project of around ten lines. But some institutions can go further and ask the future student to join a cover letter. The rules are the same as for a cover letter for a CDD or A permanent position. It is necessary to stand out by explaining your project and showing exactly how the targeted training is for you. Also remember to highlight your strengths: academic successes, skills acquired in high school or outside (sports or association activity for example).

To help you, JDN has written an example of cover letter for university training. It can be used as a frame. And above all, remember to have your letter reread to an adult who can help you improve the content and form. Here is also a model of motivation letter for a master, a DUT or one BTS.

High schools can formulate up to 10 training wishes. The deadline for depositing on the platform is March 14. These wishes must then be confirmed before April 2, 2020.

Registering on the Parcoursup site platform is not very difficult. However, certain procedures must be followed and several documents must be kept. The student must be in possession of the elements described below:

When you have completed the registration procedure, you will receive a file number and you will have to define a password yourself, which will be requested at each registration. Once the password has been defined, you will receive a 6-letter validation code which you will have to put in your file.

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