Admits to Frequent Spending of Hugs Since Bachelors, Raffi Ahmad …

Report by Grid.ID reporter Maria Novika Diah Siswari

Grid.ID – The wealth of the artist Raffi Ahmad is no doubt.

Seeing his achievements now, the term Sultan Andara is indeed suitable for the figure of Raffi Ahmad.

Because Raffi Ahmad’s wealth and wealth, recognized by netizens, make a handsome and rich impression attached to him.

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He also did not hesitate to pour large amounts of funds for whatever he wanted.

This can be seen when he is often involved in buying and selling cars.

Unmitigated, the car that Raffi is interested in is a kind super car whose price is definitely above average.

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Nagita Slavina as a wife also has a habit that is no less expensive, which is collecting a lot of things fashion whose prices are also not cans.

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Source : YouTube
Author : Maria Novika Diah Siswari
Editor : Deshinta Nindya A



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