Admits Harassing Student, Head of Department at Unsri Removed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chancellor Sriwijaya University (Unsri) removes the position of a lecturer with the initials A who was dragged into the allegation sexual harassment to students on campus.

The Rector of Unsri removed his position as head of the department in one of the faculties at Unsri.

Deputy Chancellor 1 for Academic Affairs Unsri, Zainuddin Nawawi said the decision was a mutual agreement with the rector, after the alleged perpetrator admitted that he had correctly committed immoral acts against his student.

“It is true that we have given witnesses in the form of revocation of his position as head of the department since a week ago. He has admitted to his actions,” he said, Wednesday (1/12) quoted from Between.

Although he could not explain in detail, Zainuddin Nawawi ensured that the rectorate also gave administrative and academic sanctions to the lecturer who was a state civil servant (ASN).

“This sanction is our joint decision as an institution,” he said.

Previously, a student with the initials DR (22) admitted to being a victim of sexual harassment by lecturer A. He finally reported it to the South Sumatra Regional Police (Polda Sumsel) on Tuesday (30/11).

Head of Sub-Directorate 4 Youth, Children and Women (Renakta) of the South Sumatra Regional Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit, Police Commissioner Masnoni, said the alleged victim admitted to being physically abused by his lecturer.

According to him, the victim admitted to being harassed when facing the lecturer in his room at the Unsri Indralaya Campus, Ogan Ilir, a few months ago. The victim, who had finished his thesis, came before him to ask for a signature from the lecturer as a condition for his graduation.

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“He (the victim) has finished his thesis, he just needs to ask for a signature for his graduation application. Yes, that’s where the incident was used,” he said.

Apart from DR, Masnoni confirmed that there were two other female students who were victims of sexual harassment from unscrupulous lecturers on the campus. However, the harassment they experienced was not physical, but through WhatsApp telephone lines.

“There are three victims in total, but currently there is only one LP (police report). The other two victims were not physically abused, but from telephone lines,” he said.


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