Administrative “search” in a mosque in the suburbs of Bordeaux

A home visit was carried out this Monday, October 26 at the mosque of Pessac, in the suburb of Bordeaux, we learned from sources close to the investigation.

National inquiry targets

This domiciliary visit, of administrative and non-judicial instigation, targeted both the mosque managed by the Rassemblement des Muslims in Pessac and the home of the president of this association, according to the same sources.

This is in line with the national intelligence request objectives, we told the Gironde prefecture.

Prime Minister Jean Castex explained on Friday that checks were carried out on heads of associations suspected of belonging to the Islamist movement, after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty. 123 home visits have been decided and 56 have already been carried out, then declared the Prime Minister.

About ten mosques visited?

The Pessac mosque is currently the subject of a search as well as my home which will suffer the same fate in a few moments, launched on the Facebook page of the Rassemblement des Muslims in Pessac, the president of this movement.

Decided for improbable and fallacious reasons, this home visit is not an isolated situation, denounced the lawyer of the mosque, Me Samim Bolaky. According to him, at least ten mosques in France, four of which he defends, have also received a visit from the police since the assassination of Samuel Paty on October 16.

There is nothing in all these files, assured AFP Me Bolaky for whom it is, in fact, political communication of the government.

We are in one of the darkest periods in terms of respect for public freedoms… It is a real victory for the terrorists, he denounced.


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