administrative consortia, required by the PNRR

At the government meeting on Wednesday, the Ciucă government is discussing a bill that takes the first step towards territorial reform. It is about the constitution of administrative consortia – the voluntary association between two or more neighboring localities, according to the project put to the public debate. This change was taken over by Romania through the PNRR.

The bill is aimed at completing the Administrative Code (Emergency Ordinance 57/2019) and is aimed at localities that want to collaborate and associate to jointly offer public services.

The article introduced by the new bill: Two or more municipalities or cities that have neighboring rural locations in their composition have the right, within the limits of the competence of their deliberative and executive powers, to cooperate and associate, in terms of law, in administrative consortia, in order to improve the efficiency of public services, increase the effectiveness of investment implementation or make the use of specialized human resources more efficient to achieve the interests of local communities.

It should be noted that these administrative consortia will not have legal personality.

The concept of “administrative consortia” appears in the PNRR in support of reforms aimed at increasing the capacity of local public administration. One of the benchmarks that can be found in component 10 – The local PNRR fund aims to amend the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 57/2019 on the Administrative Code governing the legal regime of the organization and functioning of administrative consortia.

We recall that various voices of civil society, but also of the political class, have insisted on an administrative reform that leads to both a decrease in the number of municipalities and a reduction in the number of provinces, precisely to make the expenditure of resources more efficient.

However, the idea of ​​reform is strongly rejected by PSD and PNL, especially at the local level, since such a change would lead to the disappearance of powerful local barons, as well as hundreds of local and county councilors.

In recent years there have been two attempts to unify neighboring localities to increase the efficiency of public services, one in Oradea and one in Buzău, both of which have failed. This has been the only solution so far for the collaboration between two locations.

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