Administration checks Tempo 30 in Stuttgart: OB Nopper against the speed limit

A push by several municipalities to introduce Tempo 30 nationwide in large cities is gaining more and more popularity. But the mayor of Stuttgart doesn’t think much of this idea.

Transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Greens) supports, in contrast to Stuttgart Mayor Frank Nopper (CDU), a push by several German municipalities to test a large-scale Tempo 30 pilot project. Hermann said in Stuttgart: “Only a broad alliance of cities with the support of the federal states can overcome the resistance of the Federal Ministry of Transport.”

The goal is a human-friendly city in which pedestrians and cyclists can also feel safe. The Verkehrsclub Deutschland welcomed the project.

Mayor Frank Nopper rejects speed limits like in Paris

In Stuttgart, too, there is a corresponding application from the municipal council on the subject. The administration is currently checking this. In principle, however, Lord Mayor Frank Nopper (CDU) said about 30 km / h: “I do not think that a 30 km / h speed limit throughout the city, à la Paris, is the right approach.”

Several major German cities, including Freiburg im Breisgau, Ulm, Aachen, Augsburg, Hanover, Leipzig and Münster, are calling for a change to the road traffic regulations in order to test Tempo 30 in a pilot project. The usual speed of 50 km / h should then only be permitted on the few main roads. The initiative is supported by the German Association of Cities in Berlin.



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