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The Adler Mannheim defeat the Krefeld Penguins in the DEL and meet the Straubing Tigers in the playoffs. Schwenningen celebrates a success against the Kölner Haie, but missed the playoffs very close.

The Adler Mannheim won against the Krefeld Pinguine 4: 2 (1: 0, 2: 0, 1: 2) on the 38th matchday. The goals for Mannheim were scored by David Wolf (15th minute), Mark Katic (24th), Thomas Larkin (40th) and Stefan Loibl (53rd). Alexander Blank (47th) and Kris Bindulis (50th) had brought Krefeld in the meantime.

Wild Wings win in vain

The Schwenningen Wild Wings won 5: 3 (1: 2, 4: 0, 0: 1) against the Kölner Haie. But that’s not enough for the playoff participation, because the Straubing Tigers their game against.

Schwenningen remains behind Straubing (43) despite 54 points in the end. The reason for this is a special feature that takes effect in this season marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Just like Iserlohn in the north, the Tigers played one game less than the competition, as the game between the two teams was canceled at the beginning of April due to corona and could not be rescheduled.

As a result, the points quotient decided on the final placement and this spoke just for Straubing (1.432) compared to Schwenningen (1.421), which had also caused a sensation in the preliminary round for a long time. In the playoffs, Straubing now challenges Adler Mannheim.

No DEL master last year

A year ago, the DEL canceled the season before the playoffs without a master’s freestyle because the league was unable to guarantee an economic game operation without spectators for a long time. This is now different, among other things, due to the waiver of the players.

So it goes with the playoffs

1st matchday, Tuesday, April 20:
Adler Mannheim – Straubing Tigers (6.30 p.m.)
Eisbären Berlin – Iserlohn Roosters (7.30 p.m.)
Red Bull Munich – ERC Ingolstadt (8.30 p.m.)
Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven – Grizzlys Wolfsburg (8.30 p.m.)

2nd matchday, Thursday, April 22nd:
Straubing Tigers – Adler Mannheim
Iserlohn Roosters – polar bears Berlin
ERC Ingolstadt – Red Bull Munich
Grizzlys Wolfsburg – Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven (every 7.30 p.m.)

Matchday 3, Saturday, April 24th (if necessary):
Adler Mannheim – Straubing Tigers
Eisbären Berlin – Iserlohn Roosters
Red Bull Munich – ERC Ingolstadt
Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven – Grizzlys Wolfsburg (every 5.30 p.m.)

Semi-finals (best of three):
1st matchday, Monday 26 April

Matchday 2, Wednesday April 28th

Matchday 3, Friday April 30th (if necessary)

FINALE (best of three):
1st matchday, Sunday 2nd May

2nd matchday, Wednesday 5th May

Matchday 3, Friday, May 7th (if necessary)



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