ADER ERROR Fall / Winter 2022 Collection “Communication on phenomena”.

Korean design brand ADER ERROR takes “Phenomenon Communication” as its theme and is inspired by the “phenomenon of communication” to launch a new autumn and winter 2022 series. The video of the image also incorporates the communication scenes in various scenes that are seen often in daily life. .

In this series, the original sans-serif logo has been changed to a serif logo, adding retro elements to the overall design. In terms of products, focused on ADER ERROR’s Tetris symbolic model, it carries a series of products such as jackets designed with non-stereotypical materials, TENIT series bags, scarves, shoulder bags, shoes, etc., carrying more categories of seasons products previous. It is worth mentioning that this series refines clothing sizes to provide a variety of tops and bottoms as a point of sale, providing customers with richer brand control.

The ADER ERROR 2022 autumn and winter series “Phenomenon Communication” has now officially landed on the main channels of the brand, interested readers may want to pay attention.

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