Ade Vernanda Please Resign from DPRD in West Sumatra for Parents to Be the Best Way

South Solok

Ade Vernanda chooses to resign from his position as a member of the Regency DPRD South Solok, West Sumatra, to take care of his sick parents. He admits that he has made up his mind.

“Bismillah. Hopefully this is the best way,” Ade said in a conversation with, Thursday (23/9/2021) night.

Ade is a member of the DPRD South Solok the PAN faction for the 2019-2024 period from the Electoral District 1 Sangir. The man who was born on March 14, 1989, is the Deputy Chairman of the PAN Faction.

Ade is the eldest of two siblings. Since the last six months, her parents have been sick and no one can focus on caring for her, because her only sister is with her husband in Padang. This condition makes his focus divided between his obligations to take care of his parents and his obligations as a member of the council. Often he was unable to attend official meetings, both in the faction and in the plenary session.

“I can’t betray the constituents who voted for me. With what I did, I felt I couldn’t help them (the constituencies). So I’d better quit,” he said.

“Essentially, if we are not able to carry out the task of carrying out our obligations, especially later we cannot fight for our constituents, why become members of the DPRD? Yes, it is better to resign,” he continued.

Ade said he did not regret his decision. He said he is currently focusing on taking care of his parents.

“God willing, not. I want to focus on my parents first,” he said again.

Ade said that he had submitted his resignation letter to the chairman of the South Solok DPRD since 6 September. View, Ade put his signature on the letter of resignation on the seal.

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