Addressing Depopulation in the Romanian Countryside: Successful Implementation of Social Housing in Ciucurova

The Romanian countryside has been massively depopulated in the last three decades, even though, according to the 2021 census, Romania still has 48% of its population living in rural areas. However, the depopulation is obvious, in each intercensal period our country loses a million residents, reaching, at this moment, a little over 19 million residents.

In an attempt to reduce the migration phenomenon, governments have applied certain social measures that have borne fruit in certain localities. Among them, the construction of social housing. In Ciucurova, in Tulcea county, in a record time of only one and a half years, 32 apartments housed in two blocks of 3 floors were built.

The total value of the contract amounted to almost two million euros. The houses are connected to the sewage system, being connected to water, electricity, all utilities being drawn for the future tenants. At the same time, the apartments are semi-furnished, being equipped with radiators, chandeliers, bathtubs and bathroom furniture, as well as sinks in the kitchens.

The two blocks have a P+3E height regime, with two annex building bodies with the function of a thermal power plant.

Ciucurova is a locality that, in the past, was also inhabited by ethnic Germans, the current resident population being almost 1,800 people.

2023-09-24 21:29:14
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