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Additional 2 thousand PLN to retirement. Not everyone knows that they can get over 2,000 zł [8.07.2020 r.]


Some retirees may gain an additional over 2,000 zlotys. Who can count on extra money? How to get an additional 2 thousand PLN and what conditions must be met? Check!

Extra money for retirees

The pension does not preclude receiving additional parking benefit. Thanks to this, many people receiving a pension may gain even 2,000. zlotys!

Many people receiving a pension may gain up to 2,000 zlotys!

Pensioners who are employed simultaneously on the basis of a civil law contract (contract for specific work or order agreement) may receive over PLN 2,000. It is enough to meet several conditions.

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2 thousand zlotys for pensioners. How do you get extra money?

Persons receiving an old-age pension may apply for a parking allowance. This benefit applies to contracts concluded before 1 April 2020 and is granted if the person has no other social security title.

In order to receive additional money, the pensioner applying for the benefit must prove that he cannot perform a civil law contract due to a pandemic due to downtime in conducting business activity.

The amount of revenues from recent months is also important. If in the month before submitting the application for parking leave the amount of revenues did not exceed PLN 1299.99, the benefit is payable to a pensioner in the amount of the sum of remuneration from contracts performed at that time – we read at

Revenue from a civil law contract may also not exceed “the amount calculated as 300 percent of the average monthly salary from the previous quarter announced by the President of the Central Statistical Office on the basis of the provisions on retirement and disability pensions from the Social Insurance Fund, applicable on the day of submitting the application” – explains the government portal.

Parking benefit can be received up to three times. In order for the parking benefit to be re-granted, a statement must be made that the material situation shown in the previous application has not improved. You can still apply for benefits for earlier months – March, April or May.

Pensioners can get extra money

Pensioners conducting business activity can count on parking allowance.

Pensioners can get an additional PLN 2080!

Pensioners may receive an additional PLN 2080 from the parking allowance if:

  • they started operating before April 1, 2020 and did not suspend their operations, and the revenue from the month preceding the month before the month in which they applied for parking benefit was at least 15% lower than the income they received in the previous month;
  • they started doing business before April 1, 2020, but suspended it after January 31, 2020;
  • they have no other title to social security.

Retirement benefits in the amount of PLN 1,300 can be obtained by pensioners, provided that:

  • they settle taxes with a tax card and are exempt from paying VAT;
  • they have no other title to social security.

Payment of the next parking allowance may take place at the earliest in the month following the month of payment of the previous one.


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