Adding Meditation As A Mandatory Ritual When Exercising, What Are the Benefits?, Jakarta Meditation is well-known as an exercise that focuses on cultivating the mind and tranquility. Though meditation actually has a variety of other types of movement that can be entered into list daily exercise.

“Traditionally we think of people who meditate sitting cross-legged in a quiet room. When in fact there are many ways to meditate,” said fitness coach Jonelle Lewis is quoted as saying. Bustle on Monday (4/10/21).

Jonelle explained, apart from sitting cross-legged, meditation can also be done by walking, climb, and stretching light. He calls it moving meditation or moving meditation.

What’s more, you can also use meditation to perfect your exercise routine. This is considered to help balance human needs physically and mentally.

“Meditation is the perfect complement to exercise because it can balance your physical and mental needs. In fact, many people have even tried to do exercises similar to meditation,” says director of fitness for a health technology company, Julz Arney.

Before and during your workout, you can try one of the meditation techniques such as visualization to focus on each sensation that comes up in your body. That way, you can be more aware and focus on the moment at hand.

A study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal also revealed that visualization techniques can improve your exercise ability and help you get past the tough spots of your workout.

“If you’re more used to physical exercise but don’t meditate, visualization might make your workout more focused,” says fitness coach Jessica Skye.

What are the benefits of meditation in the midst of the corona pandemic? Come on, find out in the video below!



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