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A money manager from Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht opened this morning at 30.05 baht / dollar, depreciating regionally. From yesterday evening close at 29.99 baht / dollar after the dollar strengthened against the major currencies. Because the market expects that the US will Issued a major stimulus package After Democrats won both House elections

“The baht again stood above the 30th after US politics became clearer. This is a factor supporting the dollar appreciation, with the market expecting a massive stimulus, “the money executive said.

Today’s Thai baht movement is estimated at 29.95 – 30.10 baht / dollar, while the overall picture is still being watched. Situation of the COVID-19 Outbreak And measures that various countries Released to solve the problem.

THAI BAHT FIX 3M (7 Jan) at 0.36350% level while THAI BAHT FIX 6M 0.35694%.

The latest SPOT is at 30.09250 baht / dollar.

  • Key factor

  • The yen stood at 103.81 yen / dollar from yesterday evening to 103.54 yen / dollar.
  • The euro stood at $ 1.2259 / euro from yesterday evening at $ 1.2270 / euro.
  • Exchange rate baht / dollar The BOT’s interbank weighted average is 29.940 baht / dollar.
  • Assistant Vice President for Macroeconomics, Bank of Thailand (BOT) discloses exchange rate trends for the year.

It remains volatile, mainly due to the high volatility of the COVID-19 epidemic. Which if any country has news that it was born

Heavy epidemic Capital flows will suddenly flow out of that country. Or if a vaccine is announced Capital flows tend to flow.

Back in there is also a matter of global liquidity. From central banks around the world injected money into the economy.

  • KASIKORN RESEARCH CENTER recommends the export sector to accept the ‘strong baht’, falling 30 baht for the whole year, seeing 29-29.25 baht / dollar even

The BOT has paid off the threshold, hoping to loosen the baht weakened yet. ‘Intergold’ suggests 3 ways to invest in gold during an uptrend without pain

  • “Government Savings” issued urgent measures “to stay debt, reduce interest payments for 3-6 months” to help customers in 28 provinces at risk of coronavirus

Number of 1.9 million customers, credit line of 6.7 billion baht, registered on January 8, the Ministry of Education proposed measures to help “SME” from COVID –

19 new rounds adjust the Softloan Act to reach SMEs, propose measures for banks to take more than 5% of the risk in lending Softloons


Limit the loan amount to 20% of the outstanding debt. Ready to provide TCG guarantees for loans exceeding 50% for 7 years

  • “Bitcoin” prices have hit New High daily by $ 37,000. “Scholars pointed out that the price exceeded fundamentals” near the point “bubble.

“Soap” warns investors to chase purchases, there is a high chance of getting into the mountain Recommend to avoid investment Or shuffling into another dollar

  • Minister of Commerce Chairman of the meeting of high-level executives and the policy of the year 2021 the ministry has a plan to walk

Continuing from the previous year, the new start-up plan consists of 3 parts: moving forward with market strategy, bringing production, accelerating revenue into the country and focusing on

Working with all sectors Especially in the private sector in the private sector

  • Deputy Director of Research Division Asia Plus Securities Company Limited said that the overall picture of the Thai economy this year is expected

Gross gross product (GDP) will recover 4.1% compared to 2020 due to low base and all economic drivers gradually recovered and

The target of the Thai stock index at 1,550 points is the first target. And the next target at 1,626 level

  • Secretary General of the Thai Bankers Association revealed that Thai commercial banks Foreign commercial banks and state banks have cooperated

Together to form a separate team To manage both operations and customer service in the crisis of the new COVID-19 focus on care

Debtors, both citizens and businesses, to be smooth in all channels It also ensures that the communications are in one direction, preventing the confusion of information.

The association also discussed with the Bank of Thailand (BOT) about new measures to combat the coronavirus. The management may vary according to

The suitability of each bank Which focus on safety for customers, employees, partners, partners or other visitors

  • The US Institute of Supply Management (ISM) said the US service sector index rebounded to 57.2 in December.

From 55.9 in November and higher than analysts had expected 54.6, driven by a rebound in new orders.

  • The US Labor Department said the number of first-time unemployment benefits dropped to 787,000 last week.

Of the 790,000 cases reported in the previous week. Which is an adjustment down 3 consecutive weeks As analysts predicted first.

On this page, the number of first-time unemployment benefits rose to 815,000 last week.

  • The dollar appreciates against all major currencies. In trading at the New York Exchange last night (7 Jan) responded.

Bright US economic data Including the hope that The US economy will recover in the era of Joe Biden’s administration.

  • The New York gold contract closed positive tonight (7 Jan) in response to Congress that it endorsed the election victory.

US President Joe Official Biden This will allow the Democratic administration to push forward the stimulus measures.

The new economy is smooth. As investors watched the US non-farm employment figures, which are scheduled for release today.

  • Investors forecasts that the US economy will recover. The Democrats won the election of the Senate round.

Two in Georgia This allows the party to have absolute power in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Which will facilitate the exit

New round of stimulus to mitigate COVID-19 impact After being prevented earlier by President Donald Trump.

  • Investors keep an eye on US non-farm employment figures for December The US Department of Labor will disclose the information as follows.

Said today at 8:30 p.m. Thai time, while analysts expect The December employment figure will increase to only 50,000.

And the unemployment rate is expected to rise to 6.8%.



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