Add Agile, These are 5 Gaming Features on Reno6

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Apart from being equipped with capable hardware, gaming smartphones must also be equipped with features that can motivate users. Unfortunately, not many vendors develop gaming features for the entire line of smartphones they sell. Moreover, collaborating with professional game players to develop gaming features that can provide comfort, but also do not violate the rules when used in various official e-sport competitions.

OPPO is one of the manufacturers that develops gaming features on almost all smartphones marketed in Indonesia, including the newest OPPO Reno6. OPPO believes that the game can be enjoyed by all people, not limited to certain circles. Therefore, the gaming features brought are very closely related to the operating system developed by OPPO, ColorOS.

OPPO itself has developed gaming features since the presence of the OPPO F3 Plus in 2017. At that time, OPPO collaborated with AOV in Indonesia to introduce it to Indonesian gamers.

Not just there, the gaming features embedded by OPPO offer the functionality that gamers really need for gaming comfort. Gamers can focus on the game without the slightest distraction that can affect them towards victory in a game. The gaming features that OPPO has developed can be enjoyed most fully on Reno6, including:

• RAM Expansion
RAM is the most important hardware for playing games, in fact it is the main concern of gamers in choosing a device. Unfortunately, often the RAM options offered by smartphone vendors are sometimes insufficient, while large RAM on smartphones will certainly increase the selling price, making it increasingly unaffordable. This is where OPPO developed its capabilities in software to provide the RAM Expansion feature, which gives users the option to change some of the internal storage as additional short-term memory when RAM capacity runs out. Basically, the 8GB RAM on OPPO Reno6 can be equipped with additional 2GB/3GB/5GB memory options when needed, with the largest option Reno6 can have a total RAM of 13GB, like a flagship device.

• Game Focus Mode
Convenience in playing games A feature that really supports gaming activities on the OPPO Reno6 which has a ColorOS 11.1 system is the presence of Game Focus Mode. The existence of this mode allows players to concentrate on the game. When the mode is active, all functions such as notifications, navigation, incoming calls, and even Game Assistant will be blocked by the system. Players will be free from all distractions.

• Quick Start Up
Another problem that arises is when the user waits while the game is loading to go to the main page of the game. With Quick Stratup, the Reno6 device will shorten game loading times. With the artificial intelligence built by OPPO, Quick Startup is able to save your favorite games for more than 48 hours to be ready to launch instantly. Some of the games supported are PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Arena of Valor.

• Bullet Screen Message
Although there is a game focus mode feature that can block all notifications including messages, if the user still wants to read the contents of the message when playing the game, Bullet Screen Message is the solution. This feature displays chat notifications as running text on the screen with a transparent display so as not to interfere with the game. Transparent text is shown running across the screen from right to left. A number of messaging apps are supported by this feature such as SMS, WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, and Telegram.

• Game Floating Window
Have you ever imagined playing games while opening other applications? The Game Floating Window feature can meet user expectations. When playing games while running other applications at the same time, it can even run two games at the same time. This feature will minimize the appearance of the game and run on top of other applications, helping users access other applications running in the background.

To get the gaming features above, you don’t have to worry about buying this device at a high price. Reno6 is currently available at a price of IDR 5,199,000. In addition to getting gaming features that make the game more comfortable, users will also get relatively high specifications, a Snapdragon 720G processor that brings several Elite Gaming features, fast 8GB LPDDR4x RAM, 128GB UFS 2.1 internal storage which can be expanded with additional microSD up to 256GB and of course fast charging 50W flash charge which provides fast charging so that users can immediately return to the game screen if the battery runs out.


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