Add 719 new cases, don’t forget to wear masks

ILLUSTRATION. Residents walk on the sidewalk of Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Hafidz Mubarak A/aww.

Reporter: Herlina KD | Editor: Herlina Kartika Dewi

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Positive cases of corona in Indonesia are gradually sloping. However, don’t be rash. The discipline of implementing health protocols remains number one.

According to data from the Covid-19 Task Force, as of Wednesday (27/10) there were an additional 719 new cases infected with Corona in Indonesia. This brings the total to 4,241,809 positive cases of Corona.

Meanwhile, the number of those who recovered from the Corona case increased by 944 people to 4,085,775 people.

Meanwhile, the number of people who died due to Corona virus in Indonesia increased from 29 to 143,299 people.

The number of active Covid-19 cases in Indonesia reached 12,735 cases, a decrease of 254 active cases compared to the previous day.

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Even though it is sloping, the government asks the community to have a high and collective responsibility to comply with health protocols. Because to suppress the Corona outbreak, starting from reducing the transmission rate.

For this reason, the government emphasizes the importance of 5M behavior, namely wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and limiting mobility.

Based on many studies, diligent hand washing can reduce the risk of transmitting viruses, including the Corona virus by 35%.

While wearing a mask can reduce the risk of transmitting the Corona virus by up to 45% if you wear a cloth mask. Meanwhile, if you use a medical mask, the risk of transmission is reduced by 75%.

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