Add 6,727 New Cases, 539 Died


Number of positive confirmed cases COVID-19 in Indonesia increased by 6,727 on Saturday (3/9/2021). The total positive cases so far have been recorded at 4,123,617, recovered 3,827,449, died 135,469.

Details of the development of the Corona virus as of Saturday (4/9/3031) are as follows:

  • Positive cases increase by 6,727 to 4,123,617
  • Recovered patients increased by 13,806 to 3,827,449
  • Patients died increased by 539 to 135,469

Earlier on Friday (2/9/2021), a total of 4,116,890 positive cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus were recorded. The total recovered were 4,116,890 cases and 134,930 cases died.




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