Adán Augusto López refuses marching transport of AMLO; Those are practices of the past, he assures

The Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto López Hernandezdenied the possibility of carrying protesters for the March next Sunday from the rotunda of the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo of the capital.

Visiting Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where he attended lunch to mark the 105th anniversary of Canaco Servytur, the federal official denied in a media interview that past practices will take place in the mobilization called by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“No, look, those times are over. I was commenting with Governor Rocha precisely on how the citizen spirit is transmitted also in the organization to go together to Mexico City and I can give you examples throughout the country, which is the case”.

Furthermore, the head of the Interior denied that next Sunday’s mobilization was a counter-march, in response to the march that took place on November 13 “in defense of the INE”.

He said that what President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will lead “is a parade, it is a march, it is the participation of an immense representation of the people of Mexico, of the 32 states of the Republic that accompany the President of the Republic in the report they traditionally present December 1”.

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He clarified that the November 27 march does not have a specific objective, even if “it is obviously a demonstration of support for the President of the Republic and for the transformation project”.

In front of the media, López Hernández once again attacked the former president Philip Calderón whom he defined as “the one who dedicated himself to arms trafficking when he was President of the Republic”.

He said that sooner or later the former president will have to answer before the courts. “As they say, every saint has his chapel, right? Justice takes time to come, sometimes, but it does come,” he remarked.

He stressed that Calderón has at least two complaints in international tribunals for crimes against humanity, “and if it got to Pinochet and he was arrested in England, well, I guess it could get to others.”

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