Adamovičs issued for criminal prosecution will no longer lead “Latgale Party” – Latvia – News

Adamovičs will be replaced by Jānis Lāčplēsis, Deputy Chairman of Daugavpils City Council. Alīna Gendele, the former chairwoman of Ludza district council, now the director of Kaunas Secondary School, has been elected co-chair.

The deputy of the Saeima based the decision to continue working in the board of the regional party, but not under the leadership of the board, with the need to hand over the “reins of power” to local politicians who will run in local elections, as well as the future. prosecution because of.

“As we can see, many want to be friends with us, but at the same time, many want to sink us. I also want to thank my colleagues in the Saeima, because I face a very supportive attitude. And also the” New Unity “faction, where I did not raise the issue of my “I really believe that I have not committed these violations in the way they are presented. I am ready to cooperate with the prosecutor’s office and, if necessary, defend my position in court,” Adamovičs pointed out.

It has already been reported that on Thursday the Saeima agreed to initiate criminal prosecution against the 13th Saeima deputy Adamovič for alleged fraud, abuse of office and forgery of the service.

The Prosecutor General’s Office asked Adamovič to be extradited for three articles of the Criminal Code, namely fraud, abuse of office and forgery.

Aiga Eiduka, the press secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office, said that Prosecutor Ando Skalbe plans to make a decision to prosecute Adamovich in the near future, but no specific deadline has been set.

During the debate, Adamovich indicated that he was ready to cooperate and provide explanations to the Prosecutor General’s Office and, if necessary, to defend his opinion in court. The deputy emphasized that he had not abused or fraudulently used the compensation of deputies granted to deputies living outside Riga. The politician indicated that he would vote for his extradition himself and also invited colleagues to vote for.

At the sitting, Adamovich was defended by non-political opposition MPs, urging a vote against extradition.

70 deputies voted for the extradition of Adamovich, four parliamentarians were against it, and another politician abstained.

Ando Skalbe, Acting Prosecutor of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Criminal Justice Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office, previously stated that this criminal proceedings also have a deterrent effect on other deputies, making it clear again that such actions are not permissible. In his opinion, a simple reprimand to Adamovich would not achieve the goal, moreover, Adamovich is not the only one whose assessment of the validity of the received compensations is being assessed.

Adamovich’s lawyer Ieva Garanča told LETA that criminal proceedings have been initiated in connection with compensation for rent of transport and residential premises. The KNAB accuses the deputy of fraudulent rent of several thousand euros in housing and approximately 83 euros in compensation for transport expenses. Acting Prosecutor Ando Skalbe clarified today in the Saeima commission that the total loss to the Saeima budget is over 3000 euros.

According to the defense, in the case of Adamovich it is a question of interpretations of the regulatory framework. “A deputy is entitled to compensation for living space, but no regulation says how long an official must spend in the dwelling. The question is how often and for how long a deputy must stay in the apartment for which he or she receives compensation,” the lawyer said.


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