Adamari López, her keys to being a successful and beautiful woman

Adamari Lopez is without a doubt a actress versatile that throughout his career has shared several useful lessons for all women, that is why today we tell you what his keys to being a successful and beautiful womanWell, she shines for how she looks and above all for how she feels.

Originally from the “Isla del Encanto”, the beautiful region of Puerto RicoFrom a very young age, Adamari López showed great talent, so we saw her dabble in soap operas throughout Latin America, including Mexico. Today he has formed a beautiful family with the dancer Toni Costa and his beautiful daughter Alaia Acosta-López, but Adamari shines with its own light.

From soap operas like “Friends and rivals”, “Crazy Love”, “wild cat“And now as one of the star hosts of the morning show”Today”At 49, Adamari López has simply been unstoppable and adapting to the passage of time, always manages to reinvent himself.

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Adamari López sets a trend, but not only in fashion but in her way of seeing life and therefore we break down everything we can learn from her to be a full woman.

Adamari López, her keys to succeed in life

Although Adamari López always spreads her smile from ear to ear, the reality is that she has gone through several difficult moments, such as fighting for her life against him breast cancer, going through a highly public love breakup with her ex-husband Luis Fonsi And being harshly criticized for her weight gain, she has always managed to get by with details like these:

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Throughout her life, Adamari López has shown that a woman cannot shine if she does not feel self-love, if she does not take care of herself, if she does not take time for herself, but instead works for her own goals instead of always being attentive. care of others. Adamari López has a lot of love, but she always puts herself first and then yes, to give her best in everything she does.

Not being afraid of love as a couple

As we have already mentioned, her love breakup and eventual separation from Luis Fonsi was very difficult and more because it almost occurred at the same time that she was detected with breast cancer, but after overcoming that bitter drink, Adamari López gave herself another opportunity with Toni Costa , who despite being younger than her has been her best partner.

Toni Costa not only made him the mother of a beautiful girl but also goes out of his way to give her details and comments, complimenting her, celebrating her and supporting her at all times, they are a great couple.

Love your body at any stage

Throughout her life, Adamari López has faced several trials with her body, from fighting against a disease that almost takes her life like breast cancer, to learning how to take care of her to maintain her health and of course, the changes in her weight that have not prevented her from being beautiful. Adamari is kind to her body and now she has focused not only on looking but on feeling good and always accepting herself.

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Her way of living motherhood

Adamari López is the proud mother of Alaia Acosta, a little girl of almost six years old who has become the light of her life, her greatest motivation and of course, her best friend, but despite the fact that she strives to be the best mother for her daughter, she continues to fulfill her professional dreams and tries to combine both facets.

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Fashion and style to suit you

The changes in her weight have not been an impediment for Adamari López to always look her best, because she carefully chooses the outfits that best suit her and in terms of hair, she maintains a short bob that is the perfect frame for her face and his gaze that has so captivated.

The same happens with makeup, because Adamari López almost always opts for natural makeup or variations that emphasize her look, one of the parts of her body that she loves the most.

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