Adabel Guerrero’s unexpected reaction to the return of Nacha Guevara. New round?

After sparks were raised in the first gala, everything seems to indicate that Adabel Guerrero and Nacha guevara they smoothed out rough edges at today’s gala “Singing for a Dream”. Is that the member of the jury praised the dancer and the star had a particular reaction: she threw herself on the floor to celebrate. Adabel brought out all her irony since in the last gala she had had a strong fall that scared everyone while trying to impress. Moria Casán.

“I liked it. I’m not an expert on this, but I found it nice, “said Nacha Guevara, praising Adabel Guerrero to the surprise of the dancer. To which the vedette reacted incredibly by throwing herself to the floor. However, that gesture did not sit well with the demanding member of the jury, who is usually somewhat reluctant with the excesses of the participants. “I had liked …”, she specified, bringing out all her irony against the media.

How was the spicy cross between the two?

“What forr … Nacha!” Adabel had said, arousing the anger of the juror. However, the dancer explained the insult: “I will explain it. It was not an insult to the lady, it was an expression that I threw into the air and I was just striking the camera. And you are so good that you aired it. I left the study throwing a whore. It’s that I lost training, I have to go back and revive myself not to go out bitching. One hot throws things, “said the media, justifying himself.

“I love Nacha’s returns, except for the one she did with me when she talked about the dancers, I love it,” added Adabel. To which Ángel de Brito asked Nacha: “Have you ever been insulted?” The member of the jury was forceful with her answer: “Of course. But the good thing is that I have learned and that is why I reached 79 years as I am. I have learned not to listen to anyone, neither the good nor the bad, I only listen to my inner voice ”, he declared.

The meaning of Adabel’s controversial celebration

The media tried to do a pirouette during the last gala to impress Moria Casán and ended up suffering a very hard fall. Fortunately, it was just a scare and the scene was a funny anecdote. Undoubtedly, the humidity of the floor due to disinfection and the high heels ended up playing a trick on the dancer. Adabel took the situation he experienced in the best way since today he celebrated by honoring the small accident he had.

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