Actress Suheir Ramzy breaks her silence and reveals the real truth about Helmy Bakr and exposes the initial point she did the night time I walked into them after locking the doorway.! !

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Considering that she appeared on the cinema and television screens and has fascinated every person, she has experienced a unique existence in the coronary heart of the viewer, she has participated in quite a few films, theatrical and tv works,

Artist Suhair Ramzy has a extensive and loaded historical past in art, Suhair Ramzy, which was picked up from a really like affair with musician Helmy Bakr, who narrated on “Six Ladies Can’t Lie”, expressing she commenced by one of the recording studios: “I read Suhair convey to her mother who this is,

They questioned the audio engineer at the time, his title was Younes, and he told them: “This is Helmy Bakr”.

Helmy Bakr entered Suhair Ramzy’s heart and his mom, the late artist Doria Ahmed, reassured him, at first look, even with the age variance in between them,

She was nonetheless 16 and he was 22, as Helmy Bakr continues: “Following 3 days, director Fouad Al-Alfi named me and claimed:” Go to lunch “.

And the musician Helmy Bakr ongoing, during his speech, expressing: “Our story commenced to show up from the very first time we fulfilled, in the to start with rule we established the day of the engagement, and I was at the commencing of my journey. “

In a past Television interview, Helmy Bakr uncovered a odd story to Safaa Abu Al-Saud about what happened to him on his wedding night time and verified that he left the bedroom before entering it and went to maintenance the bed room. his friend’s motor vehicle.

Shocked, Safaa Abu Al-Saud requested him: Did this seriously materialize? He replied: “Yes, I experienced to because he was hitting the Klux so he aggravated him and demanded that he appear to him promptly to take care of his auto. So Suhair Ramzi was stunned and when he arrived back again hrs later on, his fingers have been complete. of fat and he was filthy. “

Inspite of the really like that brought the musician Helmy Bakr and the artist Suhair Ramzy, this relationship was not prepared to keep on, as they divided right after 4 many years, right after he questioned her to abandon the artwork, to satisfy the his ask for with refusal, in addition to owning no kids, and collectively they came to the conclusion to individual amicably devoid of disagreements.

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