“Actress Patricia Pagáčová Talks About Her Role in Agrometal and Her Personal Connection to Her Character”

Although no one would say that about the actress Patricia Pagáčová (34) in real life, her character Doll in the Agrometal series is definitely not one of the sharpest pencils in the pencil case. However, this does not stop her from pursuing her dream, so she does not hesitate and accepts the offer to become a singer in the band. What about her not being able to sing? The actress revealed what Pagačová has in common with her character and why she nodded at the offer to play in this series editorial office of eXtra.cz in a short interview.

Viewers of the Agrometal series can now see the actress Patricia Pagáčová in the role of Panenka – a very naive but nice person who works as an attendant at a gas station. The male population of the village in particular likes her very much, and that is of course because of her kind nature, and it certainly has nothing to do with her plunging neckline, which, as she admitted in the talk show Seven Falls of Honza Dędek, they had to stuff for her.

And what does Patricia have to do with her character? “Director Karel Janák said to me when we were talking about that character: You know, she’s the most normal of the bunch. So I hope that’s true in reality too.” laughed Pagačová.

A meeting of the “old party”

Pagačová was said to be very happy to be cast in the comedy series. “I am very happy that Matouš Ruml and I met on this project, because the last time we shot a clip for Marko Ztracený Naše cesty, which is two or three years ago, and since then we have not met in front of the camera. So when I “When I found out that Matouš would be here, I was very happy. Lukáš Příkazký and I have also already filmed together, so they are all friends here and he is nice.” the actress revealed to the editors of eXtra.cz.

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You can watch the series Agrometal by director Karel Janák (52) every Saturday at 20:15 on TV Prima and anytime on prima+.

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