Actress Mary Mara of Emergency and Star Trek drowned

Police said they found the actress’s body in the St. Lawrence, New York. She apparently drowned while swimming, there is no indication that it was a crime. But the investigation continues.

Born in 1960 in Syracuse, USA, Mara was one of the busiest television actresses. She has appeared in dozens of series.

Randomly, for example, the television series Emergency, Detective Nash Bridges, Star Trek: Enterprise, Boston High School, Dexter, My Friend Monk, Lawyers and NYPD Blue.

Mary Mara in The World According to Proto.

Photo: Universal

She also played in Hollywood, but the main roles were avoided. Among the feature films, we can mention, for example, the films Past, Lawsuit and Dance at the Moon. The most famous is the drama The World According to Proto with Kevin Spacey, in which she played the supporting role of Abby.

She was also a theater actress, for example she took part in the New York Shakespeare Festival.

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