Actress Linda Fink, ex-wife of Richard Genzer, is facing attacks from people. All because she publicly stated who she would vote for

Czech actress and singer Linda Finková became the target of an attack on social networks just because she dared to express her opinion about an election candidate. That is, write who he will vote for and why.

However, Linda Fink did not directly mention the post in which the lady began to attack her, but rather the comments that the woman forwarded to her, which were quite vulgar. Linda then shared them on her Instagram account.

She herself apparently takes it in stride and also stated that she does not consider herself an artist and the Babišovci are leaving. We have no idea what post the actress wrote, but people started giving her back nicely.

“Artists just drink, party and are out of touch with reality. After all, they have never even read professional articles from scientists and doctors.”

So reads one comment that condemned the actress along with the entire Czech scene. Some people seem to think that Czech celebrities have no right to publicly show their political opinion.

The actress has shared several such posts, but some are so vulgar that we can’t show them to you. You’ll have to check them out on hers Instagram sami.

However, of course, people began to write her off, either cursing those who decided to attack the singer, or showing that even the voters of Andrej Babiš are not all that bad and that there is no need to put them in the same bag.

You can follow the fifty-four-year-old actress CSFD know from the movie Plaváček, which was released in 1986. Since then, she has appeared more often in documentaries PopStory or 13th Chamber and has been a guest of several shows.

How do you see such public attacks on celebrities?

Source: Instagram, CSFDeditorial office

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