Actress Lakshmi Priya’s Complaint Against BJP Leader Sandeep Vachaspathi for Unfair Remuneration

Actress Lakshmi Priya’s Complaint Against BJP Leader Sandeep Vachaspathi for Unfair Remuneration

Kochi: Actress Lakshmi Priya has complained that BJP leader Sandeep Wachaspathi did not give her a decent remuneration for the event she attended. Laxmipriya’s post says that she has tried to grow the party by beating diesel with her own hands, speaking through throat potty, and has gone to RSS events and BJP propaganda. The actor revealed the experience he faced on August 27. The actor also says that he reached the NSS Karayoga Mandir, which also included Sandeep Vachaspathy, as requested in the context of friendship.

Full Facebook post:

Friends, here I want to share an unfortunate experience that I had this past 27th August. Sandeep Wachaspati contacted me about three months ago. Sandeep Vachaspathi of Pennukkara South is also invited to participate in the Onam celebration program at the NSS Karayoga Mandir. It is said that it is a small program so don’t expect anything big. The entire country has gone to BJP for propaganda, RSS has gone to events. He has tried to grow the party by beating diesel from his own hand and speaking with his own throat. He has gone to many inaugurations without paying even a single rupee. It’s all up to you. He has done all this with cash and that too at his own will. If there is time and convenience, those who are very close do not hesitate to call to go for free. Thrissur’s regular BJP candidate still has the vehicle check that he gave as diesel cash. I agree that I went because of my heart and friendship with Mr. Sandeep Vachaspati.

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According to Sandeep Wachaspathi, a person named Rajesh Pennukkara is calling. Asks how to pay. I say minimum one payment. It tells you what you can do about it. They say that we can do it respectfully. But again I ask how much you can come between having Onam programs. Rajesh says no problem.

A journey of more than 100 km from Kakkanad. More than 3 hours of running. Must reach at 10.30. Descended into the white with a small child. The whole road works. By twisting and turning, he reached the said place through the route given by Google. The car did not even stop to eat. The baby was also completely overwhelmed. The program was well done. At their insistence, they ate together. Took selfies with everyone. Before long, the person who called me as TG Rajesh was called by Sandeep Vachaspati. Later President PB Abhilash Kumar gave an envelope. When taking the carriage from the narrow gate to the road, there was no one to reverse. That’s when we got suspicious. I opened the envelope that was handed to me. My pride does not allow me to write that amount here. He comes back and calls this Rajesh. He doesn’t pick up the phone. Then a person standing there called the President Abhilash Kumar, who had not seen our car coming back. The envelope was returned in the same way. He took the car and went home.

Called Sandeep ji and he told me that morning also that I have told them to pay them decently and let me know how much they paid? Conveying the information, he apologizes in deep distress. Rajesh is called. It says that the money that was given to me was spent on the previous day’s hospital case. If so, I ask why you did not inform me of that information and did not even send me away. I understand Udaii and I say that this show is never befitting of a Sangh worker. Sandeep Wachaspathi and Rajesh says if I put my account number my payment will be within two days including carriage fare.

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Onam, rush and call after all these. Sandeep ji informs that he can call when he is free as Pudupally is in the election rush. Rajesh never picked up my phone till today. He calls Sandeep ji but doesn’t pick up the phone as he doesn’t see the call here. Messaged, no response.

Called again today. He didn’t answer my phone, so he called from his brother’s phone. He tells me to give him the phone. Sandeep Vachaspathi, the idol who used to lash out at his opponents in channel discussions, said, “They can’t pay you the amount you said, the money they saved was spent when someone needed hospital. Rajesh never agreed to pay the amount you said. Because it was a small program. Did you see that? Vishnu Unni Krishna and Shivada have come to my program without paying 10 paise. It was a big shame that you went back and returned the money. good How do the natives know what we handled as a top secret, which till this moment only I, this Sandeep Wachaspati, Rajesh and that President knew? Now that the need is over, I can say anything. Did I say that you said it? Why else would you tell me this information?? Why are you yelling like that?

If we hear unnecessary things from people we respect in the faith movement, we will scream. Matters that could have been dealt with respectfully by three people were not resolved even after weeks, and I was also blamed. Is it just a person who does not keep his word to me and keeps his promises to the entire people as a leader?

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Nove will be little more than being nicknamed Sanghi and suspended from the workplace for his love of the movement. Must be successful. Thank you dear Lakshmi

English Summary: Actress Lakshmipriya against Bjp Leader Sandeep Vachaspathi

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