Actress Kristina Lilley, from ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, shares her battle against breast cancer: A pledge to never let life rob her of her smile | People | Entertainment

Colombian actress Kristina Lilley’s Instagram account has become a diary of her illness: Lilley has had to deal with various forms of cancer since 2010, when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The artist suffered from prolonged bleeding, and she tired easily.

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The cancer on that occasion had not advanced far yet, and the doctors were able to remove it in time. Three years later, however, they gave her the news that he had breast cancer. Again, thanks to the early detection of the tumor, he overcame it without complications.

In November 2022, the actress from Passion of Hawks He confirmed through his networks that he would face breast cancer for the second time, a disease for which he is currently undergoing treatment.

His Instagram account has become one of his biggest supports. Lilley constantly shares updates about her chemotherapy for her followers, who provide support in the form of positive comments.

One of her most popular recent videos is a series of photos of the smiling actress, screenshots of hopeful messages from her fans, and a photo with her pet, all set to the song. Flowers by Miley Cyrus. “May life never erase my smile,” Lilley expressed as caption of the publication.

His former cameramates in Passion of Hawks They tend to leave encouraging comments. “Cheer up! Cris, we are with you, we love you,” wrote actress Lady Noriega, who played Pepita Ronderos in the Colombian soap opera. “I love you,” said Lorena Meritano, also a colleague of Lilley’s.

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“Thinking about the situation I am currently experiencing, I realized that in life there are things that can be changed and others that cannot. I definitely can’t change this situation I’m in, but I can change the way I see things and how I deal with them. It is what has to be done, ”reflected the experienced actress in one of her videos. (E)

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