Actress Kim Hye-soo’s good influence… Posted on ‘Central Heavy Rain’

Photo = Kim Hye-soo’s Instagram

[공감신문]Reporter Park Hye-jin = Actress Kim Hye-soo expressed her regret for the casualties caused by the flood damage on her Instagram on the 9th.

Kim Hye-soo posted a picture on her Instagram Story on the same day with the phrase, “The number of dead and missing continues to increase.. Those who are outside, please return home safely and there will be no more damage..”

The photos include the death of three family members living in the semi-basement area of ​​Sillim-dong, 6 people missing, and 391 people displaced.

Photo = Kim Hye-soo's Instagram Story
Photo = Kim Hye-soo’s Instagram Story

Meanwhile, actress Kim Hye-soo donated 100 million won to prevent the spread of Corona 19 in February 2020. After that, she volunteered a support of 100 million won to recover the damage from a large forest fire in Uljin, Gyeongsangbuk-do, last March.

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